Law Enforcement Helicopter Training

Lunsford Air Consulting, Inc. is one of the law enforcement industry’s leading trainers. Law Enforcement Aviation is often referred to as a “profession within a profession”. Lunsford Air Consulting takes the task of professionalism very seriously by applying sound helicopter aviation principles to the profession of law enforcement. We understand the need to perform under some of the most demanding and strenuous conditions. We understand the inherent drive in a law enforcement officer to fly safely and accomplish the mission. Whether that mission is to put the bad guy in jail, or to locate the missing child, law enforcement aviators are called upon to fly day or night, in various types of weather and terrain, and put in some long hours in the process. Our training for law enforcement professionals is geared specifically to your type of flying. Expect to learn auto rotations from OGE hover or a standard police orbit (depending on the tactics your agency uses). Expect professional training and we guarantee you will not be disappointed!

Flight Courses

Ground Courses